The Company

A cooperative that came into existence before the Republic.

TAmong the documents still kept in the winery’s archives, yellowed by time but not forgotten, is the document of incorporation of the cooperative winery based in San Pietro in Cariano. In those days Italy was not yet a Republic: we were established before the referendum of June 2, 1946. That’s why our letterhead still carries the royal coat of arms.
A small slice of history.
About two years after the founding of the Cantina Cooperativa Vini of Valpolicella there were already 164 members, mostly from the towns of Valpolicella, from the plains to the hills that rise up to the Lessinia: Garganego, Monte, Cavalo and Mazzurega, Marano and Ospedaletto, Prun and Marano. Members (female as well as male): in the first few years a total of 26 women distinguished themselves in the social and managerial life of the Winery.

It has a long history, a rich present, and is forward looking.

Generation after generation, there have been many prominent figures involved in the Cooperativa San Pietro in Cariano. It’s a story of confrontation, gatherings, proposals, and evolution and collaborative growth, always with the aim of creating excellent products and always respectful of the unique organoleptic qualities of the particular areas from which they originate: Valpolicella, a blessed land shaped by the hills and valleys between Fumane, Marano and Negrar.

History and the Landscape that is home to it

The landscape of Valpolicella is dominated by vineyards, formerly cultivated using the traditional Veronese pergola system and later using other methods, such as the Guyot pruning system. The variety of the soil and local climate gives the Valpolicella wines their unique characteristics, which in recent years have been enhanced by cultivation methods that help to preserve the product’s health-giving properties, the environment, and biodiversity.
This is the cradle in which the story of our Cooperative has unfolded.


For generations we have taken the utmost care of the land from which we obtain such a wonderful product. We use some traditional techniques from the past, such as the drying the grapes on racks or mats known as “arele”, combined with the most up-to-date technology.


Vine cultivation is concentrated, in particular, in the more hilly areas, made possible by the traditional stone wall terraces, called “marogne” in the local dialect.

In the three valleys of Negrar, Fumane and Marano, as well as in the flatter areas of San Pietro in Cariano and San’Ambrogio, in addition to the vines olives and cherries are also cultivated. These are used to make high quality products, such as our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Purchasing our products

Do you want to know more about the Valpolicella Classico wines or the artisanal oil and grappa that we make?